candid photography

Candid Photography

Candid Photography

Capturing authentic and unplanned moments.

Candid photographers document a scene without directing or intervening.

The subject is not given an opportunity pose.

Camera Tips

Keep your camera on you at all times.

Know your camera and be ready. Don’t fumble around.

Use your smartphone.

Human Nature

As soon as a camera is on someone, they will moderate their behavior.

Candid photos of family and friends are a refreshing change from “say cheese”.

Look For Decisive Moments

Observe what’s around you

Look for special moments that are about to happen.

Always know where your light sources are.

Camera Settings

Close up your aperture for more depth of field.

Faster shutter speeds freeze action for sharp photos.

Higher ISO gives you more aperture and shutter speed flexibility.

Flash Photography

Avoid flash photography if you can.

You get one flash. Once it pops off, nothing is candid anymore!

People will see the flash in their vicinity and moderate or avoid the photographer.


Find a great scene and wait for something/someone to enter it.

Think about the composition before you shoot.

Move around more for happy accidents.

Small / Light Gear

Smaller, lightweight cameras help with a candid environment.

It’s much easier to move around for the photographer

The smaller the gear, the less threatening it is to people.


Prefocusing for a distance to the subject.

Zone Focusing for a range of acceptable focus.

Auto-Focus if the camera (and light) can handle it.