car photography

Car / Auto Photography

Find The Right Light

Shooting at the right time of the day can make all the difference. Golden hour light is far more flattering than the harsh mid-day sun.

Cinematic Depth Of Field

Try a shallow depth of field for a cinematic effect. An aperture of f/5.6 instead of f/8 or f/10 will separate the car from the background.

Get Close

If you can’t fit the entire car into your frame, choose a portion of the car. Pick the right portion and you can represent the “whole” without actually showing it.

Go Inside

Try taking a photo from inside the car. Change your perspective and tell the story about what it may be like to drive the car! This can be powerful stuff.

Camera Level / Height

Taking a photo from the level of the car, instead of your height, may show details that are missed by other photographers. Not all images need to be taken from eye level.

Avoid Parking Lots / Distractions

Think about what shows up in the background of your shots. Are there distracting elements? Are there random people?

The store in the background may tell a story to your viewer that you do not want to be told.

Context Can Be King

Add the element of context or content to your image. Instead of a still shot, try including travel or the destination into your image.