event photography

Event Photography

Event Photography

Documenting a gathering, experience, or special occasion.

Your images represent what it was like that day.

Requires a confident, friendly, and professional photographer.

Gear Preperation

Visit, know, or learn about the venue.

Choose a camera & lens combination for the event.

Bring backup batteries, SD cards, and cords.

Document The Event

Get close and fill the frame.

Candids are powerful.

Behind the scenes feed the social media beast.

Think About Your Clients Needs

Have an end-user in mind.

Communicate about a shot list.

Who are the key players?

Have A Contract

Even if you’re working for free.

A contract is the front line of good communication.

Manage expectations and project timelines.

Photog Etiquette

Communicate about wardrobe/attire.

Discuss all the boundaries. And stick to them.

Who’s leading your team? Where does the buck stop?

Don’t Miss This!

Pre-event and post-event photography.

Dress rehearsals & sound checks!

Take advantage of access.

Flash Photography

When is flash appropriate?

Don’t bother the guests or performers.

Find out the venue’s policies. Speak to managers.

Find the Details

Shoot the little things that people take for granted.

Programs, tabletops, the venue before the guests arrive, and MORE!

Shoot photos from the point of view of the attendee.