pattern photography

Repetition, Patterns & Rhythm

Repeating Elements & Shapes

Repeating elements can help take your viewer on a journey through the photograph.

Using repetition, patterns, and rhythm, a photographer can play with the interval and dynamic between elements.

Repetition – Repeating elements and shapes in a photograph.

Pattern – A collection of different repeating elements and shapes.

Rhythm – How the repeating elements and shapes are spaced or organized.

Let’s Talk Rhythm

Regular – A standard interval between elements.

Random – A more chaotic interval between elements.

Alternating – Usually A then B then A then B.  Sometimes more than two elements!

Flowing/Undulating – Less defined, sometimes more abstract intervals.

Progressive – The interval gets larger or smaller as you viewer moves through the photograph.

Adding & Distrupting The Ryhthm

Add more elements to your photo and the rhythm changes.

You can disrupt the rhythm by breaking the interval or changing the element. This can add drama and energy to your image.

Where Can You Find Patterns & Repetition?

Every photographer with a front door has access to an unlimited supply of patterns and repetition in the world. You just need to make the choice to start.

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