Street photography tips

Twenty Five Tips For Street Photographers

25 Tips For Street Photographers

Practice Practice Practice

Don’t go shooting photos, instead take a walk.

Stop watching camera reviews. Inverse your time spent watching reviews with shooting time.

Traveling to other cities or places doesn’t make photography any easier.

Street Photography Gear

Use the gear you already own.

Cameras and lenses that are more compact are easier to carry for hours at a time.

Wide-angle lenses bring your viewer into the moment.


Close up your aperture.

Try Hyperfocal focusing. It works.

Experiment with higher ISO.



Authentic unposed moments.

People, in general, enjoy being photographed.

People’s Things

You don’t always need people in the frame.

Leading lines, Diagonals, and triangles!

Your photos don’t have to be pretty.


Once you step out, start shooting right away. Don’t wait.

Keep your camera on your eye or held up AFTER your shot.

Take your camera with you everywhere and approach photography like a kid.

Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

Find your next project or inspiration by shooting more.

Put light, composition, and finding interesting moments ahead of image quality.

Shoot during the day or night.

Social Skills

Smile more.

Avoid the stink of desperation. Your photos will show it.

Don’t be sneaky. People recognize and see you even faster.

Number 25: Have Fun!