The Weekly Photography Challenge

shutterobi photography group

A Fun, Informal Photo Challenge Each Week!


All members of the ShutterObi Photography Discord Group can upload images to our informal, fun challenge.  A new challenge is announced every Monday!


All members of the ShutterObi Photography Discord group can nominate as many photos as they’d like.  Using the cookie award emoji.


The finalists are chosen from the nominated photos.  A small group of unbiased photographers and artists from John’s studio choose the finalists every Monday morning.  At this point we level the playing field.  All nominated images are looked at equally without the photographer’s name or “cookie count” shown.


Each Monday, ShutterObi Zoom Members vote for the winning photograph.  The finalists are placed in a poll on the ShutterObi Discord.  The most votes in the poll wins the challenge.

Winning Photo

The winning photo will be posted to the ShutterObi Discord under CHALLENGE WINNERS.

The Current Challenge

Participate in the current challenge on The ShutterObi Discord.