Photography For Beginners

Photography for beginners takes practice, practice, practice! So where do you start?

Flowers, Ducks & Pets

When you’re starting out in photography, you’ll find that some things are harder to photograph than others. But you still need to start practicing and experimenting right away.  How do you…

Find things to photograph.

Keep a moving subject in focus.

Adjust camera settings when the available light changes.

Learn to compose your shots.

Answer: Start practicing on subjects that don’t care about how the photos turn out!

Photography For Beginners – Flowers

Photographing flowers is a great way to practice exposing images with a still / non-moving subject. There are plenty of colors & scenic backdrops to go along with a list of never-ending places to shoot (gardens, parks, your backyard).

You will quickly learn how to select your focus point, frame up a shot, and snap a great looking photography.

Here’s a guarantee – A flower will never get tired before you do! A flower will never tell you the photo sucks!


Another subject that doesn’t seem to ever get tired!

Ducks and swans are great for practice.  You get to photograph moving subjects. They are great for practicing choosing a focus point and then exposing a photo in a changing light environment.

I read somewhere that the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson used ducks as subjects whenever he tested his new lenses.

True or not – I don’t know.  None the less, it is a good idea.  It may look a little strange – following birds around – get over it.

See if you can get them in focus.


OK, so you need your first real client. Why not photograph man’s best friend? Or your cat?

Not only will you get to practice using your camera, but you may also end up with a photo that you will enjoy looking back on 10-20 years from now. You become you own “client”.

Photography For Beginners – Practice!

The idea is to start experimenting and practicing.  There comes a point where watching Youtube videos no longer help you.


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