photography for beginners

Photography For Beginners

Photography for beginners takes practice, practice and more practice! It may seem overwhelming. Let’s talk about where to start.

Flowers, Ducks & Pets – Oh My!

When you’re starting out in photography, you’ll find that some things are harder to photograph than others. Somehow, you’re going to need to start practicing and experimenting. 

How do you…

  • Find things to photograph?
  • Keep a subject in focus?
  • Adjust your camera settings on the fly?
  • Learn to quickly compose shots?

The answer to all of these? Start practicing on subjects that don’t care about how the images turn out.

Photography For Beginners – How About Flowers?

Taking pictures of flowers is a great way to begin practicing with exposure settings. (Taking images with your camera). There are lots of colorful flowers, scenic backdrops, and never-ending places to go and shoot. Think parks, trails, gardens. Your own back yard!

You’ll quickly learn how to select your focus point, frame up a shot, and snap a great looking photograph.

Here’s a guarantee – A flower will never get tired before you do! A flower will never tell you that the photo sucks!

How About Ducks?

Another simple subject that doesn’t seem to tire of having their photo taken!

Ducks and swans are great for practice.  Now you get to photograph moving subjects. They’re awesome for practicing choosing focus points and exposing images in a changing light situations. Remember, you’re outdoors now!

I read somewhere that the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson used ducks as subjects whenever he tested his new lenses. True or not – I don’t know.  Its still a great idea.  It may look a little strange – following ducks and birds around – you need to get over that.

See if you can get them in focus!

Move On To Your Pets

OK, so you need your first real client. Why not photograph man’s best friend? Or maybe your cat?

Not only will you get to practice using your camera, but you may also end up with photos that you will enjoy 10-20 years from now. You become you own “client”.

Be picky about the photos. Try to satisfy yourself. As if YOU are the client.

Photography For Beginners Means Practicing!

You can’t get around it!

The idea is to start experimenting right away.  Sure, you will eventually move on to different and more challenging subjects, but you need to start somewhere!